By Ragnar Viktor Karlsson

Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual book

Spiritual Awakening – My Way to Life is about the author’s spiritual awakening and journey. It recounts events from his childhood that had a profound impact on his outlook on life. The book describes the beginning of his spiritual awakening and the spiritual journey that then receded in slow but steady steps. There were many obstacles along the way, as well as difficult challenges, dealing with himself and overcoming anxiety, and learning to live a fearless life.

This book discusses the dramatic transformations that took place for the author, both mental and physical, and how his spiritual development gradually increased as well as his rising consciousness.

Much of the book deals with the teaching and guidance the author received from his spiritual master, who led the way along the winding road of spiritual opening, the way to life, and eternal freedom.

The Author

Ragnar Viktor

Ragnar Viktor is an author and spiritual teacher who shares experiences from his spiritual awakening and opening and from the wisdom of the soul.

His books and teaching help people to attain spiritual maturity and higher consciousness; to awaken to self-awareness of their thoughts and feelings; to escape from the shackles of fear; to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others; and to experience true happiness, joy, and love in life and the true freedom that lives within each person.


You are an eternal soul in a mortal body

Do not fear life or death

Published books

Frelsi og fjötrar

Release year: 2024

Language: Icelandic

A spiritual book

Freedom and Shackles

Published 2024

Language: English

A spiritual book

Andleg Vakning

Published 2024

Language: Icelandic

A spiritual book

Konungur án Krúnu

Published: 2016

Language: Icelandic

A novel where spiritual teachings is a part of the story


Published 2020

Language: Icelandic

A spiritual book

The Truth

Published: 2021

Language: English

A spiritual book

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